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For fake id, novelty id and photo ID in the UK and USA.

There's a few scams out there when buying fake or novelty ID card.

Trusted FAKE ID Source Click Here - I've used it see my fake ids below.

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Legal Fake ID :

Novelty ID cards are legal. They are made up designs where the designer of the card owns the copyright. Keep in mind, novelty id is NOT fake id. Two distinct differences where novelty id is a custom card not made to resemble a government license. Fake id is made to copy (counterfeit) government issued IDs and licenses. More information - What is Novelty ID?

Here's some warnings :

A) Don't buy ID  from sites located in the USA or Canada. They are all scams. The USA is very strict on fake ID cards and nobody gets away with it. Click HERE for proof. No website operating in the USA or Canada, is allowed to nor does, sell real fake id cards.

B) Fake ID template sites are scams and do not waste your money on them. Unless you posses the PVC printers, magnetic encoders, UV ink, and holograms. Otherwise, printing out a cheesy template of a license or identification card with your home printer will be worthless.

C) Do not EVER buy a "FAKE ID" card from a message board post, this is ALWAYS a scam. This for example is a blatant scam.

D) Never pay by Western Union or Moneygram when buying a fake id. It is fraudsters favorite payment method to some third world location, and you will never receive your license.

E) Most UK companies selling UK ids are real and reputable. Be wary of prove it cards and similar novelty junk cards. Bouncers and anyone for that matter with common sense knows they are not valid proof of identity.

F) If the fake id site is on a free host - it's always a scam.

G) Beware of fake id companies who accept credit cards. If it were that easy wouldn't there be an ID shop on every corner next to a college campus bar?

H) Real fake id sites need to protect themselves from being shut down. The good ones are never based in the USA or Canada. Just because they are online with a PO box does not make them invisible to being shut down immediately. The only reason they stay up is because they produce novelty junk and not what is pictured on their sites. 

Quality ID Control :

A) The best photo ID cards are printed onto PVC, Polycarbonate, or Teslin.

B) Try to search for companies that use holograms, encode, have bar-codes, and other features.

C) Look for good scans or digital photo's of Fake / Novelty ID cards. Screenshots are often used if the real license looks bad.

Picture ID Proof :

Here's the IDs I got from a good fake identity maker. Their direct link is mentioned at the top of the page. (click for close ups)

My Arizona Fake ID Card

This is the back of my 2 ID cards:

Back Of My Arizona Fake ID Card

This is my picture that I gave them to use:

Face For Fake ID Card

Looks very nice. The above fake id images are lower quality so it loads quicker. In real life it looks loads better. I got two in case something ever happens to one.

I blurred out my personal info and my picture. I do not want to get into trouble, you understand, but you get the idea of the quality fake id card work.

Conclusion :

There are many fake id card reviews out there for you to find ids, my personal favorite which I use is:


There are more, you just have to find them. Follow these rules, and you will be ok finding great fake id stores.

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When buying fake ID :

A) If the ID maker accepts credit card or paypal the product will be novelty junk or simply a scam to steal your credit card info.

B) ID sites selling real fake id will only accept anonymous payments like cash. Does not mean they are legit, but the chances are better they are.

C) When sending mail use a recorded or special delivery for tracking purposes. Some sites now have you order online and upload your fake id picture.

D) Remember you are ordering fake id and any real id site will try to protect their anonymity to not be shut down. The license scam sites in Canada and USA have no worries because they don't make real fake id.