Fake ID Templates & Help Guide

New York fake id cards frontside & backside.

Template Editing Skills

Making a fake id template from scratch is a daunting endeavor. 21Overnight can help with free templates we have collected you can download.

Editing a template requires a working knowledge level of skill with PSD image files. Without prior editing experience with image layers you are going to need guiding.

21Overnight is here to help with a tutorial on how to edit fake id templates.

Fake ID template screenshot in the photo editor.

Template Software

To edit a template you must have image editing software preferably Photoshop. Alternatively, other image editing programs that are capable of editing PSD files is required.

It is not unusual to encounter compatibility errors just opening the template file. The cause is based on your image editing software not being compatible with the software version for which the template was made with. Not to mention lacking the same fonts used by the template creator.

Types Of Fake ID Templates

Appears to be a big misconception about fake id templates online. Comparatively, there are 3 types.

Rhode Island fake id card.

One: Photoshop Fake id templates made to look like you took a picture of your driver license on sitting on a table.

Commonly used to verify accounts online when you do not want to give your real identity and maintain privacy.

These types of templates are hard to find. Designed by advanced Photoshop users for personal use or consignment.

Florida fake id made by idgod.com.

Two: Fake id templates designed for printing onto card material to produce fake ids.

These type of templates are never available to buy online and treated like trade secrets by the id maker who designed it.

According to the fake id maker idgod.com to complete a replicated state driver license template takes approximately 2 months.

Oklahoma fake id template.

Three: ID Templates sold on websites. All of which are operated by individuals outside of North Americain distant lands that have never viewed a real US driver license in hand.

Unfortunately, they mostly use the press release images by the motor vehicle department to make into editable templates.

Such templates are pretty much useless. Just compare the Oklahoma template to the Florida fake id image to your left. Easy to spot the Oklahoma template is fake and not an image of ones license even with an edited in background to look like it is sitting on a table.

21Overnight will walk you though the editing process of editing online fake id templates. There is also a comments section where you can ask questions and 21Overnight will reply to help.