Fake ID Glossary

PVC Card

The type of card the ID is printed onto. PVC card is the same type Credit, Debit and Bank cards are printed onto.


A secure part of the ID card that changes color and is difficult to replicate. There are many forms of holograms, such as visa style ones, and overlays (like on driving licenses).

Perforated Image

Tiny holes making a design. An example would be the California drivers license has an outline that is perforated of the state bear.

Magnetic Strip

An encoded strip on the reverse of your ID card.


The bar code is an encoded part of your card, usually found on library cards and such.

Ghosted Photo

A Photo that is faded deliberately as a security feature on a driver license.

Signature Strip

A sign able area of your ID card. Like on Credit and Membership Cards.


An Encoded smart-chip embedded into your fake id card.

Signature Panel

A place for you to sign. Sometimes fake ID sites scan in your signature and print it, this really makes a difference in how effective your card is.

Holographic Overlays

Hologram printed all over the surface of the card, kind of see through. Is a good security feature and makes fake id's very effective.

Laser Engrave

New feature some driver licenses have for the signature which is easily duplicated with an easy to purchase laser engraver. Good fake id maker can replicate this feature.

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