Fake ID Template Guide Part Two

How to edit a fake id template guide step by step

Getting down to editing the fake id template

We will be working with a Minnesota fake driver license template current style for 2020. This template was chosen as it lacks text editing as most templates you will find or buy. However, that is alright we will walk through how to edit it with ease.

Editing the cardholder data on the template

Instead of clicking on the text and typing in replacing what you want for the cardholder data. With this template when editable areas are clicked it is just an image layer. We will detail how to replace the cardholder text with what you want and hide the data layer you overlap from view.

Fake ID Template In The Image Editor ScreenshotLooks like the font is Ariel by just looking at the text on the template and will be the font to set for editing the fake id card image.

Refer to the video below and screenshots where we point out and label each tool. Just look for the same or similar in your image editing software.

Keep in mind throughout editing the template two things you will need to do numerous times:

1. Moving the layers around or into position. Simply click on the area (sometimes more than once until the software recognizes the layer you want to edit) of the desired text that needs moving until a line box appears around the data. You will see your pointer change into a 4 arrow pointer when you hover over the box. You can then click and hold down the left clicker be it mouse or laptop you are working on. Drag the layer where you want for placement.

2. Every time you add content be it text or image it creates a new layer in the layer list to the right. To edit that layer double click on it in the list. This can also be helpful to quickly find what each layer is on a new template you are working on as it will make the line edit box on the template. When the layer is text you will see a “+” sign. Click the “+” to drop down the box of text written and then double click the box to make the text box pop up over the template allowing you to edit the text.

Starting first we want to match the size of the text and replace it for the data of the cardholder you will want to change. To do so you will click the text button, click to the right of the cardholder name, caps locked, and select from the drop down menu the matching font. Type in the text box the exact card holder name, highlight the text in the text box and adjust the text size number higher or lower to match the text size on the template. To ensure it is the same size you can close the text box when you think you got it right, click the point icon, then move the cardholder text you typed over the cardholder name already on the template as explained above for the #1 things to remember how to do.

When you have matched the text size you can change the text to the card holder name you want. Doing so will leave the new cardholder name not aligned exactly where it should be. To fix this watch the video as it is very hard to explain in a tutorial, but simple to learn watching a video.

To hide the original cardholder name and future data you will be replacing just click the “eye” icon of the corresponding text layer in the list of layers.

You can repeat the above for all the text you need to edit on the ID template. After you do it a few times it becomes repetitious and easy to remember the few steps to accomplish the editing task.

Switching and matching different colored text

Next is editing data that is of another text color which almost all current IDs feature. For the MN card template the driver license number is a shade of blue. We will show you how to match the text color for the text you want to replace it with.

Click the text icon and click the template area near where the license number is located. Type in your text and highlight it in the text box pop up. Then go to the color swatch that is currently set to black. Hover over and click inside the black swatch area. Your arrow will turn into an ink dropper and a color changer box will pop up on the screen. Now, hover over the license text with you cursor ink dropper icon. You will see as in the video another smaller box appear as you move the cursor around defining the color of the license number. When you move around within a letter or number and see the color number not changing click to set it. Now your desired license number is the same color and ready to replace the one on the template.

Now you know how to edit all the text on a fake id template.

Cardholder image and signature making them ready for adding into the fake id template

Next, we will go over adding in your signature and cardholder face images. Before we go over how to add these into the template you need to have the image files ready to go.

Your signature

Writing your signature on a piece of paper then scanning it or taking a close up image you will find is a major pain once you discover you must edit out the background. To use a smarter way we will turn to online. Got to docsketch to draw your signature, click save, from pop up ensure to click on the “Transparent background” option and then DL the .png file. Your signature is ready to go.

Your cardholder image

Now you need your cardholder image ready. This can go several ways based on the fake id template you are editing. Does the fake id have a sold background or none at all? When a solid color best to go to a craft store and buy for a few dollars a blue poster board. Use the poster board and you will have no other editing to do except sizing. When the poster board is not an option or the background is non existent you will need to edit out the background.

Numerous new US state Real ID Act compliant IDs are printed on polycarbonate and cardholder images are laser burned into the card like the Florida driver license, so no background is present. Editing such a template is not hard just requires an easy applying of a color changing feature to the image found in almost all good photo editors to monochrome.

Fake id template screenshot labeling tools you will use.The exact tools needed are labeled in this id template screenshot that you will use to add text, change the text color, and hide the text layers you will be replacing.

Tip: List of image layers can be very long and a pain to scroll the layers list to find quickly. For faster editing you can click near the top of the layer in the list and drag to the top for easy finding in the future.

Video link – Watch a demonstration of editing the ID template text and changing the color of the text.

Check back often 21overnight will be adding more ID template guides and new free fake id templates in 2020. Fell free to ask detailed help questions below and 21overnight will reply.

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