What to look for in a Fake ID Vendor:

Best payment for buying your ID

If they sell real fake id online, the vendor's first priority is to remain as anonymous as possible. Real vendor's accept cash to avoid dealings with any bank that would report them as required to the government! MoneyGram and Western Union are another form of payment legit ID vendors accept.

Fake ID vendor website terms of service

Any site offering fake licenses with a contract posted for you to agree to is a scam. This just protects the ID vendor when they sell you something that is novelty ID card junk. Ever met a drug dealer or heard of one asking you to sign a legal disclaimer before selling to you? Same goes for fake id. Only one type of site does this, and that is one that is a scam. Read the disclaimer, they bet you do not, and if you do, they hope you will not understand the meaning of "custom novelty card" or other similar wording in the disclaimer. This trick works by showing real licenses on their website calling them "samples". You think that is what you will get, but to order you agree to the novelty vendor's disclaimer. The "fake id" you end up getting in the mail is something you could of made better at home with an ink jet printer.

Pay for your ID by credit card or Paypal

Never buy from a fake id vendor website that accepts Paypal, or credit cards. Legitimate fake id makers could never accept those payment options. Paypal forbids fake id sellers to use their service in their Service Agreement and will freeze their account and yours. They also turn over account records to law enforcement. Any company seeking a merchant account for their website must first be approved by the provider to accept credit cards. Never would a merchant account provider approve a seller of fake id. If you ever come across a website offering fake ID, never give out your credit card information. The website will be a scam and try to steal your identity and ruin your credit.

Online ID vendor reviews

Of all online reviews, you find 99% will be fake! Yes, they look real, that is the whole point, but they are almost guaranteed to be posted by a fake id vendor positive or negative. You are reading this now most likely looking for a fake id. After you get a fake id, do you really think you are going to waste time online posting reviews on websites that record your IP that you bought an illegal fake id? Making finding you, as simple as one email by law enforcement to the admin of the website where you posted to get your IP. When you are holding that fake id in your hand, you wise up. You might tell some close friends, but almost nobody posts about it online. What you do get are impatient people who think ID vendors function like amazon and get anxious waiting for the id to arrive, assuming they got ripped off, and prematurely post bad reviews. I have read some of these posts online that are real and the poster never remembers, or the website does not even give you the option, to change the post, if you posted a bad review prematurely. Again, 99% of those promoting will be vendors acting as customers or making bad reviews as customers about their rivals. The best advice is to ignore the reviews online good or bad and ONLY trust a review from a friend who has ordered from the vendor before.

ID Vendor Proof

Look for good, clear pictures and video posted of the vendor's fakes on their website. With smart phones there is zero excuse for not posting some video.

Fake ID Glossary Understand all the mumbo-jumbo!

Novelty Cards? What is novelty ID?

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