What Is Novelty ID?

Novelty ID is when a designer produces their own ID Card, which does not infringe on any copyright or law.

College or other school issued id cards can be copyrighted and use of their school logo when printing a novelty version can be copyright infringement and hold the designer legally liable. Use of a cloned school ID goes beyond civil liability and could be criminal.

Novelty id cannot resemble a real government issued identification or driver license. US and Canadian laws which are similar are very clear. Use of a government seal in making novelty ID is illegal. By merely printing the state's name, followed by driver license, for example 'Florida Driver License', is considered counterfeiting a government issued document. You can print your photo, signature, name, date of birth, and other details on the novelty ID card. However, adding a license number that is in the same format as the state driver license can, again, be illegal. Since it is in the same format it could be a license number that has been issued to an actual license and that would be considered counterfeiting.

Any attempted replication of a real ID card law requires that you print in red ink, a non-removable disclaimer. Location of the disclaimer must be across the front of the novelty id card stating "Not A Government Issued Document". This would make the novelty card useless for any joke it was intended for.

What Is Fake ID?

Fake id is a cloned id card or license issued by the government. Usually, the fake identification does not contain the true information of the card holder such as the name or date of birth. It may have flaws, but the intention is to replicate an authentic government made identity card. The fake id may have working magnetic strip and/or barcode, ultra violet ink (UV), holograms, micro print, and other security features designed to thwart counterfeiters.

Fake ID can also be altered REAL IDs. This is now a rare occurrence, considering the advances in technology it is near impossible to alter today's driver licenses and ID cards. The days of laminated issued cards where one could easily heat open the laminated card, edit information, switch the holder's picture, then heat seal back together are a thing of the past.

Producing fake ID is illegal and considered much worse in the eyes of law enforcement than simply possessing a fake ID. Much like a meth producer and the addict consumer. Most common use of fake id is for underage drinkers to enter an establishment that serves alcohol. The policy of most bars or nightclubs is to refuse service or confiscate a detected fake id. It is bad policy for said establishments to see would be patrons being escorted out by the police and something they prefer to be handled quietly. Because it is such a common occurrence, it is known within the bar industry to not notify the police as it is something the authorities do not want to waste time on pursuing, and all the paper work that ensues. In fact, larger cites, such as Los Angeles, with large illegal immigrant populations have publicly announced they will not respond to calls involving simple use of fake ids as it would overwhelm their resources. Good news for those simply using their fake for a night out at a nightclub.

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