Where To Get A Fake ID

Rhode Island fake id card.

Where to get a fake id online

Buying a quality fake id online is not without a plethora of pitfalls. While there has always been scammers online the fraudsters embedded in the online fake id market have grown to actually outnumber the legitimate sellers.

You may find that statement unbelievable, but 21Overnight has been in the industry over 2 decades. We know the ID card market like no one else and can speak with extensive knowledge on this subject.

Rhode Island fake id ultraviolet design.

While we list the best fake id websites there are fake documents and less popular identification cards people might want to try searching for. When seeking fake ids or other fake documents online you are guaranteed to encounter the scammers.

From search engine results to social media these parasites are lurking in wait to get your money. Our guide to getting a fake id will point out these fraudsters and keep your money of their dirty hands, so lets get to it.

To see or not to see the fake id you are buying?

Fake id maker website screenshot covering the ID card

To see or not to see the fake id you are buying?

Why would anyone purchase an item online where part of the sample product is blurred or covered over? Every genuine fake id maker proudly shows their products in detail. However, so many frauds online have made it acceptable to show obstructed views of ID cards as if it is somehow normal.  It is not normal and a red alert of a blatant fraud to stay away from.

Fake id maker website screenshot covering the ID card

These fraudsters are what we call the lazy bunch. Stealing other ID maker images or doing google image searches finding matching license images for what they want to pretend to sell. Editing the images to blur or mark out the details with any image editor. This is done so one can not do a reverse image search to ensure it is not stolen.

Let us be clear when looking to get a fake id any document creator covering up their work equates to a guaranteed fraud.

Fake id terms of service page

Generic is for grocery store brands not fake ids

When we first started making templates there was a fake id website out of Canada that was a complete joke. Guess what? They are still alive and kicking today with numerous websites. They fall under the generic bunch for showing the generic fake id cards from the barbook and DMV press releases as their work.

Fake id website using barbook images

First, let me tell you about the scam operated by immigrant Muslims in Canada. They want you to believe (and sadly people do) they sell fake id and can operate in Canada immune to the law. The trick is their lengthy Terms Of Service agreement that tells you in legalese you are not getting a fake id, but a novelty card of their own design.

Their address is Remail Redirection 34152 STN D Vancover, BC Canada V6J 4N2.

Look at the blue underlined legalese text stating what you really get.

We call these Canadian scammers the greedy bunch. What they do is offer everything under the sun. When the US barbook and international version print a picture of it, they offer it.

Website showing fake id cards they do not make.

You may wonder what their novelty cards looks like? Well, lucky for you we have ordered from them to check out what is available on the market. You send them a money order, order form, and picture. In return you get a lamination sleeve, your picture back (wishing it was your money) and a paper print out of a smaller than to scale blank state driver license. Apparently you are to glue your picture onto a 3/4 size blank paper license. Next, type or write in your cardholder data. Last, stick it in the lamination sleeve and iron it sealed. This could have worked for IDs issued in the 1970s, but as you can assume worthless today.

When looking to get a fake id mailing payment to Canada or anywhere it will be a fraud. Generic barbook or DMV press release images equals guaranteed fraud.

Website offering real fake ids is not true.

You can get a real driver license just have faith… Sucker

This fraud has been going on forever. We will call these fraud websites the believer bunch. In 20 years not one website offering real drivers licenses or passports has been anything more than an absolute fraud. Let us just use common sense when looking over their website page about buying “Genuine Registered Documents“.

What stands out about this websites is they post a San Diego California address with New Jersey phone number, huh? First thought is the address is a virtual office mail forwarding set up. Google search reveals it is just a non existent address.

Lets play along with their poorly thought out pitch. They want people to believe a company in San Diego is invisible to law enforcement for starters. Next, the state they can provide “Real registered Driver’s License or ID card” and show a generic Colorado driver license. Oh really?

Where are US state driver licenses actually made? We bet they do not even have a clue. The licenses are made by private companies who were awarded the contract by the state government. This website and the like want people to believe they have formed illegal deals with dozens of people who work for said companies? Secret operatives working at each company in different states all going along with this for a cut of the pie. Really?

Not only that, this site can get you genuine passports too! To assume they found the printing facilities, flew to them, rented a place to stay, a car, and spent months investigating targets to approach? Just so happens not one turned them down and reported them to the FBI. They avoided a sting operation to catch them which is the normal course of events when something of this nature is discovered.

For this hoax and others it pays to really sit back and think about what the offer entails. Very quickly you realize one would have to suspend reality to believe such offers to be true.

Any website offering real government issued identifications or passports are an outright scam.

Fake id scams selling on social media.

The social media fake id plug

Two types of scams when it comes to the hoaxes trolling Social media to fill that fake id plug for you.

First, are the ones who promise they can make what you need, if you just send them the money. Doing in essence the same thing as the fraudster websites by showing you images not of their actual making.

The second is more dastardly, so we will tell it to you in more detail. This requires fraudsters to actually posses some Photoshop skills. The fraud works by promising you to see your finished fake id before payment is made. You supply an image and the next day voila! You see an image of the fake id made for you, but not so fast.

In our experience never has one who makes fake ids creep on social media trying to drum up business by making a fake id before payment. After all fake ids are a custom made item geared toward a young and unreliable consumer market. We do know of a few legitimate fake id makers who did try this starting out in the business. Each time they were left hanging for completion of purchase by looky-loos more often then not, so they quickly stopped the practice.

To prove our point true simply wait until you get the finished picture of your fake id, then throw a curve ball and ask for video. That will stop the scammer in his tracks.

Photoshop skills vs due diligence

You found a great fake id maker website and nothing previously discussed in this article is present. Now, you have to use your own due diligence as you could of come upon a legitimate site in a sea of scams, or not.

With Photoshop one can edit any fake id image and change the data to match their website name. Many sites like to watermark their fake ids made to be shown on their website by making the cardholder name the name of their website. Some websites are even more cautious of image theft and put a watermark over the entire card to prevent such theft.

An example below of a fake id image below 21overnight edited to show you how easy it is to look like you make fake ids.

Fake id template.

Applying reasonable due diligence when you know any image you see could very well be faked, so what is one to do? Here are some tips:

Fake id template edited.
  • Images and lots of them. Fake ids have many features and showing just one picture of the card should not suffice.
  • Ensure the fake id maker shows videos. No acceptable excuse in this day and age for a website to not post videos and multiple videos at that of their work.
  • Video reviews. The old standard of customer reviews of posting their fake id and covering up their data to protect privacy has one fallacy. They can easily be faked and currently are on hoax fake id review websites owned by fraudster fake id websites. When an ID maker not only makes a fake id but a quality fake id they will post video reviews.

In conclusion when getting a fake id

Be smart and really think about the fantastical offerings by what are hoaxes. Stick to our guide and do not be persuaded by cheap pricing or slick talk. When it does not pass our basic checks for fraud there is a clear reason why, it is a scam. Do your due diligence and insist on proof before you trust any website with your money.